I founded this brand as the culmination of a dream I have had since I was a little girl. I started drawing dresses at 11 years old, imagining myself as a confident, glamorous, and powerful woman who lived a fabulous life in great clothes. 

What started as a figment of my imagination grew into a hunger to learn what it takes to bring my drawings to life. As I studied my craft I realized, I started drawing dresses, a shy little girl as a love letter to my future self.

Designed and constructed in small quantities by me, you won't find these items anywhere else. Each piece is my love letter to you. Because you are EVERYTHING.

Amber Pete Designs is not only a collection of functional and fashionable professional clothing but also a daily reminder to hard-working women, moms, and young professionals everywhere that they can conquer the world.





Featured in MODA MANTRA magazine VOL 12. FALL'23 


WINNER of Season 3 of Design Competition Series From Pencil to Production