Behind The Seams: Notes From the Designer

Amber Pete Designs is deeply rooted in the resilience and strength of women. I draw inspiration from the remarkable women who have paved the way for others and from the women who have played a significant role in my own life.

The women who raised me, including my mother, grandmother, and aunts have been a constant source of inspiration. Their determination, grace, and unwavering support have shaped me into the person I am today. I design with the aim of capturing the essence of these women in my collections, paying homage to their wisdom, style, and strength.

Family Inspo: See the story of the Brandi Sweater Dress 

 I am profoundly inspired by the trailblazing women who have made significant contributions to various fields, from the arts to politics, science to fashion. These women have shattered glass ceilings and broken barriers, and I draw inspiration from their stories and achievements. Eartha Dress in my signature collection is a tribute to one of these extraordinary women, reflecting her unique spirit and accomplishments.

Trailblazer Inspo: See the story of the Eartha Dress

Fashion has the power to empower, uplift, and express individuality. When you buy a garment from Amber Pete Designs you are buying into the legacy I hope to leave for my daughter and her future generations. Echoing the message that no matter what you face in life you can conquer it with grace and style.


XO - Amber